Key Words for the TOEFL Test

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Key Words for the TOEFL Test

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  • Дополнительная информация
    • Артикул
    • 61879
    • EAN-13
    • 9780007453467
    • ISBN
    • 978-0-00-745346-7
    • Издатель
    • Harper Collins
    • Год издания
    • 2012
    • Количество страниц
    • 752
    • Переплет
    • Мягкий
    • Язык
    • Английский

    "Collins COBUILD Key Words for the TOEFL Test" is a brand-new vocabulary book containing all the essential words and phrases that students need to succeed in the TOEFL. "Collins COBUILD Key Words for the TOEFL Test" has been specially created for foreign learners of American English who plan to take the TOEFL to demonstrate that they have the required ability to communicate effectively in English in an academic environment, such as a university or college. "Collins COBUILD Key Words for the TOEFL Test" covers the words and phrases that students need to master in order to achieve the scores required by the top universities and employers. Key Words for the TOEFL Test is unique in that the vocabulary items are organized alphabetically, in a dictionary style, and words are clearly labelled according to topic. Hundreds of vocabulary-building features, synonyms, phrases and collocations help students to enrich their vocabulary and increase their accuracy and fluency. Key terms from the Academic Word List are also covered. To help students consolidate what they have learnt, the title also includes a thematic word list section, organized according to topics that frequently appear in the TOEFL. Vocabulary items are explained using simple language and are presented in a clear and easy-to-use format, which makes "Collins COBUILD Key Words for the TOEFL Test" ideal for students preparing for the TOEFL. Students can feel confident that "Collins COBUILD Key Words for the TOEFL" will fully prepare them for the exam and help them achieve the score they are aiming for.

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