AutoCAD 2002 for Architecture

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AutoCAD 2002 for Architecture

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  • Дополнительная информация
    • Артикул
    • 7792
    • EAN-13
    • 9780766838475
    • ISBN
    • 978-0-76683-847-5
    • Издатель
    • Autodeskpress
    • Год издания
    • 2002
    • Количество страниц
    • 1014
    • Автор
    • Alan Jefferis, Michael Jo
    • Переплет
    • Мягкий

    Fully updated to power readers to new levels of productivity, AutoCAD 2002 for Architecture is a concise guide to mastering the commands used to create 2D drawings, step-by-step. All examples and exercises are architecture-specific, enabling readers to focus squarely on developing the specific computer skills and drafting expertise required to excel in the architectural and construction fields today. The book begins by exploring the basic tools that control AutoCAD. Each of the following chapters builds upon skills presented in the previous chapter, reinforcing key points while offering insights into the efficiencies to be gained from using AutoCAD 2002 to generate construction documents. Access to each mission-critical command is presented through the use of toolbars or the keyboard. Numerous screen captures are also included to show readers the results they can expect to generate as they execute each command. As they achieve proficiency in the use of today's leading design and drawing tool, readers are also introduced to contemporary professional practices - including how to make optimal use of AutoCAD 2002's new AutoCAD Today and Etransmit Internet utilities. No prior computer drafting experience is required, making this book ideal for beginning through intermediate AutoCAD users. Licensed architects upgrading to AutoCAD 2002 from an earlier version, plus those migrating to AutoCAD 2002 from another CAD package, will also find this how-to manual to be an especially useful resource.

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